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Corporate and Business Registration Department (A Department of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development)

About Us 

The  Corporate and Business Registration Department is a government office, which falls under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and is a regular  participant and  winner  of the  following  awards:

·         Excellence Award 2006
·         Public Service Excellence award 2011
·         Winner in the Category Effectiveness and Efficiency
·         Public Service Excellence award 2012-Winner in the Category Leadership and Team Spirit
Department has not only adopted the concept of “moving data to people” but also “putting people first”.  We have shifted from inward-looking, bureaucratic systems, processes and attitudes toward new ways of working which put the needs of the public first, in a better, faster and more responsive manner. The CBRD  administers :
·         Companies Act 2001 
·         The Business Registration Act 2002
·         The Insolvency Act 2009
·         The Limited Partnerships Act 2011 and The Foundations Act 2012
·         The Office is the sole place where one may obtain information about these entities

The funtions of the Corporate and Business Registration Department are :
·  The incorporation, registration and striking-off of companies  
·  The registration of documents that must be filed under the Companies Act 2001
·  The provision of company information to the  public
·  The enforcement of compliance with the legal requirements
·  Registration of Businesses
·  The Insolvency Service
·  Registration of Limited Partnerships and Foundations