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Corporate and Business Registration Department (A Department of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development)

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List of Companies with respective registration fee for year 2019

Payment of Annual Registration Fees by Companies,Societe  Commerciales,Limited Patnerships,Limited Liability Partnerships and Foundation for 2019

 List of defunct companies-Feb2019

Regulations 2018 for restoration of Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Partnerships and Foundation

Payment of Yearly Registration Fees for :

Company MUR USD


Limited Partnership



Electronic submission of forms will become chargeable as from 1 JULY 2017

Click HERE for more details

It is recommended that users start to purchase the required package as from now.

------------------------------------- Copy of National Identity Card for Citizens of Mauritius is no longer required for incorporation of a Company 

 ------------------------------------Filing of Annual Return  

Every company should file its Annual Return together with the accounts, which have been approved at the AGM, within 28 days after the date of AGM.

Failure to file the Annual Return is an offence and the company may be liable for prosecution.

Point of Sales

 ------------------------------------Communication Strategy(Scanning Project)
E-Payment by credit card is accepted as from 31 July 2013 . A service charge of 1.725% is applicable for payment exceeding Rs 25,000.
Corporate and Business Registration Department - Grand Winner of the Public Service Excellence Award 2006-Public Service Excellence award 2011-Winner in the Category Effectiveness and Efficiency-Public Service Excellence award 2012-Winner in the Category Leadership and Team Spirit


A new platform is available for Incorporation of local
Companies as from 30th April 2019

To access this platform please click on 'Incorporate your  Company' on our website


The Corporate and Business Registration Department is a
government office, which falls under the aegis of the Ministry Of
 Finance and Economic Development. It administers the Companies Act 2001, the Business Registration Act 2002, the Insolvency Act 2009,The Limited Partnerships Act 2011 and The Foundations Act 2012. The Office is the sole place where one may obtain information about
these entities.

The Corporate and Business Registration Department has the following main functions:

·  The incorporation, registration and striking-off of companies  

·  The registration of documents that must be filed under the Companies Act 2001

·  The provision of company information to the  public

·  The enforcement of compliance with the legal requirements

·  Registration of Businesses

·  The Insolvency Service

·  Registration of Limited Partnerships and Foundations

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