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How to register a business

How to register a business?

Businesses are registered under the Business Registration Act 2002. The law applies to any person carrying on business in Mauritius and Rodrigues. The registration can be effected online or by submitting the required documents at the office of the Registrar of Companies.

For online registration of business please register with the Mauritius Network Services (our online service provider) on the following url :

There are 3 types of forms which are available when registering a business:
1. BRF1 for individual
2. BRF2 for company/commercial partnership
3. BRF3 for “société”

These forms can also be downloaded on the website at:

The application form shall state:
• The full name, address of each applicant and national identification number of the person; or
• The name, address of registered office, incorporation/registration number if body corporate or unincorporated body;
• The business name, if any;
• The general nature of the business;
• The principal place of business and any other place where the business is carried on;
• The date or proposed date of commencement of business ;and
• Such other information or particulars as may be required in the application form.

The fee to be paid depends on the workforce at the time of registration.
Not more than 10 persons Rs 125
11-50 persons Rs 250
51-100 persons Rs 600
​More than 100 persons Rs 1500
No fee is payable for the registration of a company/commercial partnership.

The National Identity Card should be produced at time of registration.

After submitting the application form and payment is effected (if any), the applicant will be issued with a Business Registration Card.